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Have you choosed a suitable way to protect your skin?

Add Time:2012-02-29 08:56:58

 Have you choosed a suitable way to protect your skin?


As the saying goes, good skin is depend on maintenance, and focus of maintenance is moisturizing,but are you sure that you have already choosed the suitable way to moisturize your skin?Now, lets discuss about it.

☆ Dry skin

People who with dry skin maybe always feel taut after clean face even 20 minutes later. Even though use the general essence they still feel not quite moist.

The solution:

Everyone knows that our skin have the function of protection, so sebaceous glands will continue to keep skin lubrication by grease secretion. But dry skin lack of the function of keeping natural they needn’t use the toning lotion after wash skin,just need to rub moisturizing lotion directly.If you are office workers who need to make-up frequently, you’d better prepare cucumber facial mask with small package that very convenient and efficient for moisturizing,and pls don’t forget to rud some lotion to lock the moisture. Soft texture lotion is a first selection, and choose lotions which contain plant extract is efficient to relieve the skin.

☆ Combination

The prominent feature of mixed skin is the unbalance of sebum secretion.There is more sebum secretion on T-area than cheeks, on the other hand, the pores cloged and ances, blains are influencing people’s mood.

The solution:

Use neat lotion after washing face. you can paste a moist nose mask, then use some jellylibe lotion to calm the skin and enhance the water-replenishing effect. In addition,we suggest that combination should choose skin-protector carefully such as something with natural plant ingredients in.

☆ Oily skin

For most ladies, oily skin gives troubles for them all the time(they are troubled by oily skin all the time . oily skin always lead to acne, rough pores and so on

The solution:

Clean skin is the key to oily skin. Firstly, use oil-Absorbing Sheets to remove the extra oil. Secondly , rub exfoliating cream to remove the barrier of corneous layer so that the nutrient can be absorbed preferably. Thirdly, spray toning lotion. When choosing moistures,it’s better to choose control oil or antibacterial composition of products which with natural plan in, such as products contain chamomile, green tea, salicylic acid.

☆ Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin always appear red spot ,heat flush.. The insolation, blow and cold can lead to heat flush and itchy too.

The solution:

Most important to sensitive skin is formation of protective-layer, at the same time, improve the skin inside to against the damage from the surrounding.

Had better not use the moisturizer contain alcohol. And had better use skin-protecter  without fragrance to calm skin.

Above are the knowledge of skin-care that we share with you, wish you have a healthy ,beautiful skin and a good mood.