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panic purchasing of sunblock in summer

Add Time:2012-04-11 11:15:53

Panic Purchasing Of Sunblock In Summer

Summer,a romantic and hot season,beautiful girls are thinking about show their pretty figure,but at the same time ,how to withstand the damage of the sun is a problem.Summer is coming,so are you ready now?

What's in sunlight?

Sunlight is a natural phenomenon which not only gives off brightness and warmth to the world, but also contains infrared radiation to give heat, together with ultraviolet (UV) radiation of various wavelengths. Studies have shown that on average the skin absorbs 50% of the UV radiation to which it is exposed. This is then diffused into various layers of flesh, with a direct impact on the complexion through the emergence of premature wrinkles, or "photo aging".

UV radiation: the biggest enemy of beautiful skin
Protect your skin from sunlight!

UV radiation pass through the dermis to casue damage to the skin's structure, the flesh, elastin and collagen, leaving skin that is blemished, discoloured and wrinkled. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can also cause sunburn and eventually skin cancer.
Melanin, or pigmented skin cells, are the body's nature mechanism to protect the skin against dangerous sunlight. Melanin or pigment is present in the epidermis, helping protect skin against the sun's rays. However, if the radiation is extremely concentrated a process known as photo-oxidation can occur. The skin becomes darker, while the impact of the radiation on the lining flesh and skin cell enzymes causes subtle changes in the skin's structure and sub-dermal mechanisms. This in turn encourages the generation of an abnormal quantity of melanin cells.

Sun protection products are one important option in the fight against sunlight, which work directly and accurately to target dangerous radiation. Make sure you select products which are suitable for your skin type and/or your daily activities insofar as they require exposure to sunlight.

But what should you look for in a good sunscreen?

  1. Sunscreen should offer good protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. Titanium Dioxide is one of the effective ingredient which helps filter both UVA and UVB radiation by reflecting radiation from the skin.
  2. Use a product with SPF of 15 to 30 every day, a must for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  3. For maximum effectiveness use a sweat-resistant and waterproof product.
  4. The sun protection product should be delicate and light, and should be smooth when applied. It should not leave a stick residue, and should be long lasting.

What is SPF protection standards?

SPF or Sun Protection Factor, this factor indicates the effectiveness of protection against sunlight and the ability to filter UVB radiation, the cause of sunburn. For instance, someone whose skin would normally burn after 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight. Use of a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 will prolong this safe exposure time by 15 times – from 15 minutes to 225 minutes (3 hours 45 minutes). Apply several times throughout the day if the body is producing a lot of sweat.