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About Elov China

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About us:

Guangzhou ELOV Cosmetics Co., Ltd was established in 2002,which is located in Guangzhou City.GZ ELOV is an enterprise specialized in skin care facial mask,treatment cosmetics etc items.

As a famous cosmetics copmany, GZ ELOV owned six cosmeitcs brands are popular in China market. They are reprectively BEAUTY HOST,YILUMEI,DR SNOW,YSNOW,TIANTING,BEAUTY FANCA.Especail for BEAUTY HOST ,we have  developed it to oversea market in English, Arabic,Vietnamese,Russian, language.

GZ ELOV is integrating product orientation with R&D,design,manufacturing,sales.To issue the products quality,we set up a complete set of test system.The entire production flows follow with the GMPC(Europe and US standard) quality and safety standard.All products were manufactured by antomatic and high technological equipment.The company R&d and develops core technological system openly and corporately on the basis of independence.

We mainly provide OEM/ODM/OBM service on different kinds of cosmtics at oversea and domestic market.Meanwhile we also get goods cooperation with Mannings,Watson,Vanguard etc famous cosmetics hypermarket.Our most Popular products includes skincare facial mask,nose strips,acne removal face cream etc which gains high honor from customer.

GZ ELOV is willing to endeavor to delicate to provide the society with high-technology and high quality service.






Doctor Zhang, a patriotic overseas Chinese with French nationality who is the founder of France, Co., Ltd. S ince `s founding in Paris in 1985,Professir Flane came from L.N Skin Research Center(Natural Skin Research Center) have both been working a tem technical consultants.


By right of its strong production R&D ability, has been successfully forming 3 selected categories, generation genie regrouping & repairing skin care series, nami (mill micron& high-tech vegetal element series as well as biochemical technology special protective effect series


Doctor Zhang has been showing his great love for his motherland, especially his concern about China` s development in cosmetics and love Chin Doctor Zhang in 1995 invest in a factory in Guangzhou, one of China’s famous commercial ports. Named as 'YILUMEI' after 'elov'`s Chinese transliteration as its registered trademark, the factory has stridden out for the first step of great historical in the beauty industry.


we promot New facial mask with element and Fresh Mill element as a masters. In a short time, both consumers and our distributor are favourite for it’s nice design and distinct efficacy.

In the mean while, we adopted high technology of UV laser, to Anti-counterfeiting.


In order to enlarge business, Elov’s sheet type facial mask, sleeping facial mask, mud facial mask come to the market in succession. Also we promot some effect cream, such as Breast Care Cream, Sunscreen Cream, Acne Removal ect.


Atfer 5 years’ research and development. Augmenting Breast Cream branded Dr. Snow was a fashion. For it’s application of high technology, safty and distinct efficacy. Dr. Snow lead a fad and became a trusted brand to women in a new era.


As the expansion of production capacity, and Mature technology, based on Beauty Host and Dr. snow, Doctor Snow launched to the terminal market this year. Elov’s merchandise planning was established


The introduction of Israel dead sea deep mud and French Elov core technology’s application, we promot two series of facial masks---Oil essence and Xinshengxiuti series. Both series of facial masks are made to care and beautify Asian skin.


A New Production base of 100,000 m2 was established, a GMP standard production workship of 6.000 mand a Research and Devolopment Center of 1000 mnow are applied.


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