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Cherry & Milk Moisture-locking Mask
Cherry & Milk Moisture-...
CGEQ authoritative attestation; Rich cherry extracts & milk protein; Sooth & whiten skin 4.Use everyday.
Keywords:Cherry & Milk Moisture-locking Mask
Green Apple Sleeping Mask
Green Apple Sleeping Mask
Rich green apple essence & VC; Keep water-oil balance; Moisture & whitening; Use everyday for better effect.
Keywords:Green Apple Sleeping Mask
Strawberry & Milk Sleeping Mask
Strawberry & Milk Sleep...
Rich strwberry & milk essence; Replenish nourishment; Constringe pores; Improve elasticity .
Keywords:Strawberry & Milk Sleeping Mask
Red Wine Sleeping Facial Mask
Red Wine Sleeping Facia...
Rich red wine essence & vitamin; Lighten & remove yellow; Locking in moisture & nourishments; Smooth skin.
Keywords:Red Wine Sleeping Facial Mask
Grape Polyphenol Sleeping Mask
Grape Polyphenol Sleepi...
Contain grape & red wine essence; Replenish nutrition to skin; Keep water & oil balance; Tenderizing.
Keywords:Grape Polyphenol Sleeping Mask
Thermal Spring Sleeping Mask
Thermal Spring Sleeping...
Rich thermal spring essence; Replenish nutrition; Whiten & moisturize skin; Remove wrinkle.
Keywords:Thermal Spring Sleeping Mask
Rose Whitening & Moisturizing Sleeping Mask
Rose Whitening & Moistu...
Rich natural plant oil; Effectively constringe pores; Restore elasticity; Whiten and hydrate skin.
Keywords:Rose Whitening & Moisturizing Sleeping Mask
Green Apple Brightening Sleep Mask
Green Apple Brightening...
Help reduce the coarse; Soften the cuticle; Improve yellowish state; Refresh & whiten skin.
Keywords:Green Apple Brightening Sleep Mask
Cherry Anti-yellowish Sleep Mask
Cherry Anti-yellowish S...
Moisturize & whiten skin; Keep water-oil balance; Tender & smooth skin; Nourish & whiten skin.
Keywords:Cherry Anti-yellowish Sleep Mask
Red Wine Whitening Sleep Mask
Red Wine Whitening Slee...
Replenishes nutrition & moisture; Diminish yellowish state & wrinkles; Reduce darkness & dryness.
Keywords:Red Wine Whitening Sleep Mask
Olive Oil Whitening Sleep Mask
Olive Oil Whitening Sle...
Rich in natural vitamins; Replenish moisture; Tender & brighten skin; Metabolize the aged keratose.
Keywords:Olive Oil Whitening Sleep Mask
Orange Repairing & Brightening Sleep Mask
Orange Repairing & Brig...
Reduce the dryness & sensitiveness; Tighten & brighten skin; Diminish the fine veins; Tender & whiten skin.
Keywords:Brightening Sleep Mask
Juicy Peach Smooth Sleep Mask
Juicy Peach Smooth Slee...
Replenish moisture to skin; Relieve dryness & roughness; Reduce dry & fine veins; Strengthen elasticity.
Keywords:Smooth Sleep Mask
Rose Tightening & Whitening Sleep Mask
Rose Tightening & White...
1.Minimize pores 2.Reduce coarse state 3.Improve elasticity & tightness 4.Replenish nutrition & whiteness
Keywords:Whitening Sleep Mask
Strawberry &Milk Whitening Sleep Mask
Strawberry &Milk Whiten...
Deep moisturizes the skin to make it tender and smooth.
Keywords:Strawberry &Milk Whitening Sleep Mask
Nourishing & Whitening Sleeping Facial Mask, Personal Care
Nourishing & Whitening ...
Sleeping Mud Facial Mask Personal Care
Keywords:Sleeping Facial Mask