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Whitening Repairing Facial Cleanser
Whitening Repairing Fac...
Rich in herbal extracts & vitamin; Whiten & nourish skin; Deeply moisten skin.
Keywords:Repairing Facial Cleanser
Olive Facial Cleanser
Olive Facial Cleanser
New facial cleanser series; Rich olive essence & vitamin E; Moisturizing & nourishing; Whitening.
Keywords:Olive Facial Cleanser
Lavender Soothing Facial Cleanser
Lavender Soothing Facia...
New face care products; Rich lavender essence; Cleaning & soothing; Whitening nourishing.
Keywords:Soothing Facial Cleanser
Deep Sea Mud Anti-yellowish Cleanser
Deep Sea Mud Anti-yello...
Supply skin with adequate moisture; Diminish black & yellowish; Purify pores; Infiltrate whitening element.
Keywords:Anti-yellowish Cleanser
Deep Sea Mud Anti-acnes Cleanser
Deep Sea Mud Anti-acnes...
Purify & whiten skin; Diminish black & dirt; Relieve acnes; Clear up excess grease.
Keywords:Anti-acnes Cleanser
Fresh Fruit Refreshing Cream(Orange)
Fresh Fruit Refreshing ...
Wipe off face die cell; Restrain melanin; Strengthen cell renovate; Restrain melanin.
Keywords:Fresh Fruit Refreshing Cream
Fresh Fruit Strawberry Whitening Cleanser
Fresh Fruit Strawberry ...
Mildly rase ance; Poise greases secrete; Purge of surplus grease; Shrink pores.
Keywords:Whitening Cleanser
Fresh Fruit Face Cleanser (Lemon)
Fresh Fruit Face Cleans...
Rich in natural plant essence; Reduce lipid on the face; Whiten & smooth skin.
Keywords:Fresh Fruit Face Cleanser
Fresh Fruit Refreshing Cream (Juicy peach)
Fresh Fruit Refreshing ...
Rich in natural moisturizing factor; Wipe off die cell; Enhance moisture; Whiten & tender skin.
Keywords:Refreshing Cream
Smoothing & Activating Facial Cleanser Personal Care
Smoothing & Activating ...
Remove facial grease and dirt; Improve dead cuticle.
Keywords:Facial Cleanser
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