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Lemon Milk Oil-control Facial Mask
Lemon Milk Oil-control ...
Moisturizing & Whitening; Dispels wrinkles; Anti-yellowing; Dissolve melanin.
Keywords:Lemon Milk Oil-control Facial Mask
Peachate Milk Hydrating Facial Mask
Peachate Milk Hydrating...
Effective hydrating & Whitening; Nourishing & Wrinkle removing; Acne-removing; Enhance skin's elasticity.
Keywords:Peachate Milk Hydrating Facial Mask
Apple Milk Whitening Facial Mask
Apple Milk Whitening Fa...
Moisturizing & Whitening; Nourishing & Anti-Wrinkle; Anti-Sebum; Improve tightness & elasticity.
Keywords:Apple Milk Whitening Facial Mask
Pearl Milk Moisturizing Facial Mask
Pearl Milk Moisturizing...
Relieve skin pressure; Remove facial wrinkles; Whitening & anti-yellow; Acne removing.
Keywords:Pearl Milk Moisturizing Facial Mask
Whitening Anti-spot Mask Skin Care
Whitening Anti-spot Mas...
deeply whiten skin face mask; dilute melanin and remove spots skin care.
Keywords:Whitening Anti-spot Mask
Lavender Whitening Aromatic Mask
Lavender Whitening Arom...
Rich Provence lavender extract; Relieve & comforts skin; Protect sin from sunburn; Enhance elasticity.
Keywords:Lavender Whitening Aromatic Mask
Rosemary Revitalizing Aromatic Mask
Rosemary Revitalizing A...
Rich Mediterranean rosemary extract; Deeply cleanses skin; Prevents acnes & dullness; Balances oil secretion.
Keywords:Rosemary Revitalizing Aromatic Mask
Lemon Grass Aromatic Mask
Lemon Grass Aromatic Mask
Rich in lemon grass extract; Lighten melanin; Clear off oil & dirt; Clear pores.
Keywords:Lemon Grass Aromatic Mask
Rose Hip Whitening Aromatic Mask
Rose Hip Whitening Arom...
Unique whitening & moisturizing formula; Replenish & lock moisture skin; Enhance skin's elasticity & luster.
Keywords:Rose Hip Whitening Aromatic Mask
Vetivert Nourishing Aromatic Mask
Vetivert Nourishing Aro...
Contain natural moisturizing factor; Replenish nutrition for skin; Regulate all types of skin.
Keywords:Vetivert Nourishing Aromatic Mask
Chamomile Whitening Essential Oil Mask
Chamomile Whitening Ess...
New face mask in 2010; The unique natural moisturizing functions; Benefit dry and sensitive skin.
Keywords:Chamomile Whitening Essential Oil Mask
Lilac Anti-melanin Face Mask
Lilac Anti-melanin Face...
2010 new face mask; Contain lilac essence & collagen; Effectively remove melanin; Nourishing & whitening.
Keywords:Lilac Anti-melanin Face Mask
Jasmine Repairing Essential Oil Mask
Jasmine Repairing Essen...
2010 New facial mask; Special design for dry and sensitive skin; Moisturizing; Repair & whiten skin.
Keywords:Jasmine Repairing Essential Oil Mask
Rose Whitening Essential Oil Face Mask
Rose Whitening Essentia...
Contain Rose essence; Tenderize & whiten skin; Suitable for daily use.
Keywords:Rose Whitening Essential Oil Face Mask
Rosemary Whitening Essential Oil Facial mask
Rosemary Whitening Esse...
Rosemary facial mask; herbal essential face mask.
Keywords:Rosemary Whitening Essential Oil Facial mask
Blue Rose Essential Oil Mask
Blue Rose Essential Oil...
Rich essential oil essence; Enhance nutrition absorption; Water-locking; Tender & whiten skin.
Keywords:Blue Rose Essential Oil Mask
Ice Spring Bright Hydrating & Whitening Facial Mask, Personal Skin Care
Ice Spring Bright Hydra...
Whitening& moisturizing skin
Keywords:Ice Spring Bright Hydrating & Whitening Facial...
Bird's Nest & Collagen Facial Mask Personal Care
Bird's Nest & Collagen ...
Nourishing facial mask; Nourishing& moisturizering skin.
Keywords:Bird's Nest & Collagen Facial Mask
E.F.A Extract Skin Beautifying Essential Mask Beauty Products
E.F.A Extract Skin Beau...
Nourishing& moisturizering skin
Keywords:E.F.A Extract Skin Beautifying Essential Mask ...
Icy Nourishing Facial Mask
Icy Nourishing Facial M...
Facial mask, Facial mask; Whitening & Moisturizering skin.
Keywords:Icy Nourishing Facial Mask
Orange Milk Anti-sallow Facial Mask
Orange Milk Anti-sallow...
Replenish moisture & nutrients; Prevent skin ageing; Remove facial wrinkles; Anti-speckle & anti-melanin.
Keywords:Orange Milk Anti-sallow Facial Mask
Caviar Lifting & Rejuvenating Facial Mask Skin Care
Caviar Lifting & Rejuve...
Facial mask, skin care; Rejuvenating & Moisturizering skin.
Keywords:Caviar Lifting & Rejuvenating Facial Mask
Orange Anti-yellowish Facial Mask
Orange Anti-yellowish F...
Replenish moisture & nutriments; Remove yellowish facial mask.
Keywords:Orange Anti-yellowish Facial Mask
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