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100% mineral,water molecule,moisturizing & whiten mask

Add time:2012-03-12 17:36:58
100% mineral,water molecule,moisturizing & whiten mask
Main Features:

1.Brand Name:Dr.snow




Main ingredients
The product contains the active collegan protein, Vitamin C, B1, B12, ferment, hyaluronic acid,and calcium the micro elements.

Main Efficacy:

The collegan protein distill from the lif-form in the advanced biochemical technology without broking the natural structure, is maintained to be the original and skin like molecule structure. For the collegan powder is much delicate, it can rapidly dissolving and turn to transparent, which makes skin quickly and effectively absorb, lighten the melanin, remove scorch, clear the stuffed pores, get rid of the additional grease an dirt, intensively whiten skin and effectively prevent from acnes. Highly hydrating makes skin moisturized. It raises skin holding strength, effectively remove wrinkles. Regular using the product gives you healthy, and beautiful and fully elastic.


Direction of use

Step 1: To be used on thoroughly cleansed skin,(Tips: Using with Dr.snow Cleansing Milk for better results.)

Step 2: Open the aluminum packing and take out the paper mask.

Step 3: Gently apply the paper mask on face and leave it for 15-20 minutes.

Usage for winter: Put the treatment mask with aluminum packing into hot water for 2 minutes in order to avoid cold feeling.