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Nano lever 100% sea horse conditioning skin revival mask

Add time:2012-03-12 17:52:49
Nano lever 100% sea  horse conditioning skin revival mask
Main Features:
 1.Brand Name:Dr.snow



Main ingredients:

The product contains nano sea horse essence, microelements, collagen protein, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid and amino acid whitening medicament for example.

Main Efficacy:

Sea horse is also called water horse, and house-head fish. It belongs to the family syngnathidae and is economically high price fish. In our country, it is hailed as southern ginseng. Nano leaver sea horse conditioning skin revival mask apply the top class sea horse combining the Chinese traditional principles and advanced nano technology, which is smashed in the physical method under the normal temperature. The method produces the nano lever standard material characterizing in the strong penetrating power, which makes skin easily absorb. The products is mild and promotes blood circulation, softens the muscles and balances the nutrition offering, so that the melanin, wrinkles and darkness are lightened , the scorch and coarse status are improved , making the skin white, delicate, smooth and elastic.

Direction of use:

 Step 1: To be used on thoroughly cleansed skin,(Tips: Using with Dr.snow Cleansing Milk for better results.)

Step 2: Open the aluminum packing and take out the paper mask.

Step 3: Gently apply the paper mask on face and leave it for 15-20 minutes.

 Usage for winter: Put the treatment mask with aluminum packing into hot water for 2 minutes in order to avoid cold feeling.