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Tianting 3 Color 3-step Deep cleansing Clay Mud Facial Mask

Add time:2018-04-02 11:50:50
Tianting 3 Color 3-step Deep cleansing Clay Mud Facial Mask

Product Details

Brand: Tianting

Name: Tianting 3 Color 3-step Deep cleansing Clay Mud facial mask

Packing: 9ml/bottle,9bottles/box, 48boxes/ctn

Suitale skin: all kinds of skin

Shelf life: 3 years

Product efficacy

Black color is for T-Zone to clean the pores, oil control compact,

Green color is for cheek to clean horny hydrating ,moisturizing.

Pink color is for eye to anti-aging ,firming skin.

Product Usage

1. After washing the face, gently apply the pores in the T area

2. After applying T zone, apply a firming film under the eye

3. After applying T and eye, apply a replenishment film on both sides of the cheek.

4. Waiting for about 15 minutes, wipe with a paper towel, the face of the excess with water washed away.


1.When painting

Apply different areas of the mask need to clean the mask with a paper towel clean, re-use.

2.When waiting

When using the mask, gently massage the various parts of the face, the effect will be better oh ~

3.After use

After opening the mask with endless plastic wrap, sealed to save, on the dry place, waiting for the next use.

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