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YSNOW 4Mins Fast Hair removal cream

Add time:2018-04-13 21:09:42
YSNOW  4Mins Fast Hair removal cream

Product Details

Brand: YSNOW

Name: YSNOW 4Mins Fast Hair removal cream

Packing: 80g/Box,144pcs/ctn

Suitale skin: all kinds of skin

Shelf life: 3 years

Certificate:ISO22716 &GMPC&SGS&QS

Main Ingredient

Thioglycolic acid,chamomile extract,RED ALCOHOL(Dragosantol)

Product efficacy

Smooth and delicate, Painless hair removal, Soothing repair

Product Usage

01. Warming

Warm and wet towel applied to the hair removal site for a moment

02. Smear

Extrude the amount of paste evenly applied to the hair removal site, be careful not to rub

03. Wait

Static wait 10min

04. Wipe

Wipe the paste gently with the scraper against the hair growth direction

05. Cleaning

After wiping, rinse off with clean water

06. Maintenance

After dry, apply body lotion

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