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Aweto Facial Beauty Mask

Add time:2012-03-16 10:22:18
Aweto Facial Beauty Mask

Main Features:

1.Brand Name:Beauty Host





Ingredients & Efficacy: 

1.Aweto also known as Chinese caterpillar fungus, is a compound of fungus and insect. Aweto is a precious traditional Chinese medicinal material in the treasury of Chinese medicines and listed as one of the 3 major tonics along with ginseng and hairy antler. it is an aweto dried substance deriving from fungus parasite in the larva of lepidopterists. The caterpillar fungus is scented, contains rich protein, cordycepic acid and a variety of amino acids, and has the effect of facial beautification and care.

2.This product consists of cordycepic acid extracted from natural aweto with the ultra low temperatures extraction technique and nucleoside antibiotic. it can go deep into skin to exert the effect of broad-spectrum antibiosis, inhibit and reduce the transfer of melanin to epidermal cells, promote the cell regeneration, bring skin various nourishing curative effects.


Wash you face with warm water. Apply the mask tightly on the face, pat gently to let it be touched more tightly. Peel the mask off after15-20 minutes. Certainly, you can last the process for longer time according to yourself. Desert it after use; wipe the liquid on the face with yuxue makeup cotton or wet towel. Use everyday for better effect!