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Seaweed uitra powerful element whiteing facial mask

Add time:2013-10-16 10:48:04
Seaweed uitra powerful element whiteing facial mask
Main Features:

1.Brand Name:Beauty Host




Main ingredients:

Deep-sea  algae, mountain mud, sorbet acid, vitamin E, moisturizing factor, natural colloid, amino acid, vitamin and a variety of microelements.

Main Efficacy:

 Algae has superior skincare effects, can mildly regulate the natural rhythm of skin cells mildly to the perfect balance. With the activity similar to lipolytic enzyme, it is widely applied to whitening, moisturizing and oil-control products to activate cells, promote the cell metabolism, effectively improve the skin texture; the vulcanized algin contained can form a protective wall with keratin in the skin to avoid loss of the moisturizing factor for long acting moisturizing.


 Wash your face to the nailplease put the mask with bag into warm water for two minutes to removal cold in winter ) Apply the mask tightly on the face, pat gently to let it be touched more tightly. Peel the mask off after 15-20 mins. Certainly, you can last the process for longer time according to yourself. Desert it after used; wipe the liquid on the face with Yuxue makeup cotton or wet towel. Use everyday for better effect.


Seaweed Whitening Facial Mask